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Free Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4 Stolen Huffy 2nd-oct-2012 Online Previews

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A new enemy presents itself to SAMCRO. Previews of Sons of Anarchy  are available in Wikipedia please read and check for more things thanks You.Watch video Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4 Stolen Huffy on IMDb Free Download Video Sons of Anarchy  2nd oct 2012 Live Streaming Video only on FX Channel.Online Watch Sons of Anarchy Full Episode Watch Video on Internet TV.So don’t forget to Watch Sons of Anarchy and have fun enjoy the show. I’m sure we’ll have fun to watch it.When you’re a career criminal, jail time is an occupational hazard. It isn’t a surprise then, that so many episodes of Sons of Anarchy take place in jail. This week, we spend most of our time behind bars with Jax, Tig, Chibs and Opie. There's time to check in with everyone else, but the biggest talking point is what took place in the prison.In this episode we get to see how far Pope’s reach goes when he manages to set up a meeting with Jax within one of the offices in the prison. He lays down his terms succinctly: in order for the charges to be dropped, Pope wants half of the money coming from the drug muling, and in return for the dead Niner and police officer, he wants a dead Son, and Tig to remain in prison forever. Naturally, Jax doesn’t want to do this but he's hardly in any position to negotiate, or not at first anyway.I have to say that I truly didn’t see Opie’s death coming. Opie has been one of my favourite characters since series one. It was the fact that for a behemoth of a man, he had such sad eyes. Nothing ever really seemed to go right for poor Opie, and I had always hoped that he would turn it around. One of the wardens had allowed the Sons to choose between themselves which one of them would die, and after much deliberation Opie kind of chose himself. I say he chose himself, but really he just hit a guard and was thrown into a room and then eventually beaten in the back of the skull with a length of pipe. It is every bit as grim as it sounds, and the excellent direction in this scene really works, particularly with the constant cuts back to Jax pounding on the glass in the adjacent room screaming for Opie.

Killing off one of the main characters so early in the series was a really brave move by Sutter and co. The fact that writers tend not to like killing off characters mid-series (preferring to leave it for the finale or penultimate episode when far more people are watching) makes a lot of television feel too safe nowadays and it’s good to see that Sutter is making Sons of Anarchy feel dangerous again. It is rather disappointing that Opie died without getting to settle the score with Clay, but then it was Clay’s fault that Opie was in jail to begin with as he had told him that he had best stay close to Jax.

Pope shows a little compassion following Opie’s death, allowing Jax to alter their terms slightly and temporarily release Tig.  However when Jax tells Tig he is free on condition that he never votes against Jax again, he doesn’t mention that the release is temporary. It’s hard to say what Jax’s motives are at the moment, maybe Tig’s latest rampage was his last. It’s difficult to imagine Tig remaining in the show after the end of this series, he has fallen too far and if anyone is killed off at the end it will surely be him.

Believe it or not, there are other things that happen in this episode, but they are definitely overshadowed by Opie’s death.  The dispute between Gemma and Tara continues, with Gemma trying to manipulate Tara by bringing in Jax’s first wife, Wendy (is it just me, or is it really hard to think of her as anyone but Adriana from The Sopranos?). Tara is smart and doesn’t fall for it. We’re back to seeing Tara at her best this series, and she has had some great comebacks to whatever Gemma throws at her.

But the future's already here, in a way: We saw the effects of Opie's death in this hour. We saw Jax die a little more, we saw the light go out in his eyes even more. We saw his hardness and his misery grow until they were fused into one driven mass of pain and determination.

I was very, very hard on "Sons of Anarchy" in my Season 5 review, and I stand by what I wrote in it, but the Opie-Jax storyline in "Laying Pipe" is the kind of thing that both gives me hope and makes me crazy. It gives me hope that "SOA" is still capable of telling stories that are not so bedazzled with external manipulations and nonsensical plot gyrations that the characters seem like innocent bystanders in the middle of an overcaffeinated snarl of story threads.

So now let’s get on to the big stuff.  Opie has been the odd man out in the club for awhile.  Who can blame him?  His club brother murdered his wife (by accident, but Tig has a nasty habit — well, Tig has several nasty habits, but — of accidentally killing people), his de facto uncle / mentor murdered his father, which his de facto brother / best friend lied to him about, his porn star wife got an abortion and then ran off and … did I forget something?  Essentially, Opie’s life sucks.

It’s unfortunate on so many levels, not only because Opie is a decent guy but because Jax really needs him.  He emotionally stabilizes Jax, grounds him, and though Jax has been finding some of that stability lately from Tara at home and Chibs in the club, no one can ever replace the role that Opie had in his life, which is why he’s always fought so hard to keep him close.  It’s interesting to consider, too, that the series started with Opie just about to get out of SAMCRO, something he’s struggled with ever since.  And here, in the end, he gave his life up for the club that took the rest of his life away.

But in "Laying Pipe," we had Jax and Opie, two friends who have been through so much together, losing each other in the most painful way possible. Hunnam and Ryan Hurst have always been great together, and the loss of Hurst is going to be a great blow to the show. Of course, I'm not arguing that the show shouldn't kill off key characters -- Season 4 was ultimately such a misfire because it gave us a bunch of reasons that Clay should die, then the show didn't kill him off. (I'm glad Opie and I are in agreement about that.)

And what makes me crazy? The fact that the show still has certain melodramatic tics and go-to maneuvers that feel increasingly played out. One example: "SOA" has turned Gemma into a cartoon character, and that makes me sad, because Katey Sagal is a capable of so much more than the kind of material that she's being given these days. "SOA's" female characters don't really have arcs; their stories -- such as they are -- fit in around those of the men. The women are who the show needs them to be that season or that week, and thus their personalities go through strange or inexplicable shifts all the time. Quite often "SOA" doesn't even know what to do with them, so it gives them terrible stories like Tara's abduction in Season 3 or Gemma's general tendency to keep secrets and start trouble ... well, just because.

These days, Gemma exists to stir up sh*t in the "SOA" universe, and that's about it. The stuff with Jax's kids, the stuff with Clay's prostitute (hello, Ashley Tisdale!) -- I mean, she's just a hair-pulling, one-note character these days, and Stern Tara isn't much better. It's a testament to both these actresses that they made their characters work as long as they did, but I've just grown increasingly tired of their repetitive fights and shrill shenanigans. Isn't it interesting to contemplate the fact that the show's finest season gave Gemma a prominent and well-conceived storyline? Ah, Season 2, those were the days.

But back to Opie, who was the real focus here. Here's a possibly interesting fact: Before I watched the episode, I knew that someone was going to die in "Laying Pipe," and I knew it was going to be Opie. But it didn't matter. His death still had an impact, thanks to great performances and thanks to the kind of impassioned restraint that "SOA" can still pull off on occasion. The second most memorable moment in the episode was Jax turning away from the window where Opie was being beaten, as total silence descended. There were no words or music that could convey the heartbreak of that moment.

I'm actually glad I knew that Opie was going to be the one who died; it made me appreciate Hurst's performance all the more. I think Opie decided early on in that episode, around the time of his confrontation in the cell with Jax, that he would be the one to sacrifice himself. He had nothing left to live for -- what kind of father would he be to his kids, as broken as he was by this point? And this death would give two people (Opie and Jax) some kind of awful relief.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4 Stolen Huffy

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